Colorado Spring Break 2016 – My PR Plan

Picture this, but colder and a lot more snow.

Auburn’s upcoming spring break marks the last one of my college career. While friends and coworkers are heading southbound to the beach or a tropical cruise (or both), my girlfriend and I are headed west to experience a state neither of us have been to, Colorado. Now, you don’t just travel somewhere and wander off the plane, hoping for experiences to find you, you need to have a plan! Let’s look at my PR plan for my Colorado Spring Break 2016!

Picture this, but colder and a lot more snow.
Picture this, but colder and a lot more snow.


Goal: To enjoy myself

Since spring break is all about having fun without the stresses of school and work, I made my goal an easy one: to enjoy myself. After all, who knows when the next time I’ll be able to take a long vacation. It’s not as if PR and marketing agencies include spring break as part of their benefits packages (probably for the best). So it’s time to make the most of it.

As any PR and marketing practitioner can tell you, to accomplish your goals, you need to identify your objectives. So identify we will:


Objective 1: Experience the local cuisine

When I say cuisine, that means drinks as well as food. (you could call these my tactics) If you know much about the craft beer scene, you know that Colorado’s, and specifically Denver’s, is booming. And if you know anything about me, you know that I love a good craft beer (namely an IPA). Therefore, I have spent a good deal of time on this website planning out that part of the trip. My brother, who is a local Coloradoan, has promised us to a brewery tour, and I will say it is one of the things I am most excited about during the trip. Colorado Spring Break 2016

On the food side of things, Colorado is supposed to have excellent Mexican food, as many Southwestern states do. While I frequent Chipotle here in Auburn, I don’t know that many of our Mexican restaurants could be considered “good.” And as much as I love it, I don’t know how many people consider Chipotle to be an authentic representation of Mexican food.  I hope for a more traditional experience out West.



Objective 2: Explore the outdoors

What would a trip to Colorado be without a ski trip? I wouldn’t know because we’re going! While the first two-thirds of our trip will be in Denver, our second weekend will be spent on the slopes of Aspen. “Where the beer flows like wine,” as a certain affable but not so intelligent Jim Carrey character would say. While I haven’t been skiing in a handful of years, and neither has my girlfriend, we couldn’t be more excited! I’m sure once we rent our boots and skis (again, consider these our tactics) that we won’t miss a beat.

colorado spring break 2016


Objective 3: Enjoy the company of others

As I’ve alluded to, I’ll be spending my Colorado spring break in the company of my girlfriend and my brother. We all share similar interests so I have a hard time believing that we won’t have a great time over the next week and a half. Having said that, it’s important for the people I am with to be enjoying themselves. Otherwise, I have a hard time enjoying myself. Thus, it is a priority to reaching my goal.

I, for one, think it will be difficult for me to not hit these three objectives during my Colorado Spring Break 2016 (it sounds much more official when I refer to it like that, don’t you think?). I guess you could say that my evaluation methods can be any Yelp! or Trip Advisor reviews I submit, as well as the number of Snapchat’s sent (speaking of which, add Verge Pipe Media on Snapchat to follow my takeover on Tuesday, 3/15!) In the end, though, the only metric that will matter is my peace of mind.


Note: This blog post was written as part of an assignment for my PRCM 4500 course at Auburn University.

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“Fall Colors near Ridgeway, Colorado” via Wikimedia (license)

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“Steve Rausch of Snowmass Ski Patrol” via Flickr (license)

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